Private Lessons &
Group Classes

All of our Complete Programs (Work Week, Canine College and Puppy Programs) include private lessons, and some include group classes too. Some owners, however, prefer to focus only on private lessons, virtual lessons, and group classes. 

With these training options, you are your dog’s trainer while we coach and guide you. Since we are mainly teaching YOU, not your dog, you will only get out of the training what you put into it. This is a more gradual approach for owners who have the time, energy, and dedication to put into training. 

Personalized one-on-one coaching

Private lessons

A well trained dog is nothing without a well trained owner! Private lessons are a great option for owners who are coachable, involved, and are seriously committed to the entire training process.

On-Site Lessons may consist of your trainer explaining applicable concepts, demonstrating exercises, troubleshooting specific issues, and providing in-the-moment feedback to improve your handling. On-Site lessons are the best option for owners with happy, motivated dogs. Dogs who are fearful or overwhelmed may need to slowly ease into On-Site lessons, or explore other options.

Virtual Lessons are an affordable and time efficient way to get professional advice unique to your situation. This is the most popular option for experienced dog owners simply needing to brainstorm over a new issue, or advanced students who would benefit from a trainer’s critique on their sessions. Our trainers frequently use “demo dogs” on their side of the camera, so students can visualize their trainer’s instructions.

In-Home Lessons are ideal for multi-dog households, fearful dogs, puppies, and families with busy schedules. Your trainer will have the chance to really deep dive into your life with your dog, and help you take the necessary steps in order to bring harmony back into your home. This is not the best option for dogs who may nip, bite, or be otherwise very uncomfortable with guests in the home (but a great way to address the opposite problem: rude, overenthusiastic happy greetings!).

On-Site Lessons:

Consult trainer for pricing

You, your dog, and your trainer will meet here at Greensburg. Length of session varies from 45min-1.5hours.

Current Availability:

Mondays @ 3:30pm

Thursdays @ 5pm

Fridays @ 10am, 11:30am, & 3:30pm

Virtual Lessons:

$80/session or $230/package

You, your dog, and your trainer will connect via video chat. Sessions range from 30-50min.

Current Availability:

Mondays @ 1pm & 2pm

Wednesdays @ 5pm

Fridays @ 1pm & 2pm

In-Home Lessons:

Consult trainer for pricing

Your trainer will meet your dog and family in your home. Sessions are approximately 1-2hours.

Current Availability:

Every other Saturday @ 10am, 12pm, 2pm, & 4pm



From puppy, to advanced and elective

Group Classes

Group classes are the perfect option for owners who are committed to strengthening their relationship and communication with their dog. In a group class, you and your dog work together as a team while receiving instruction from your trainer. We strive to cultivate fun, open, and supportive class environments!

Group classes follow a structured, progressive syllabus. Drop Ins are welcome, but committing to the full course is strongly encouraged. Group classes can be an economical way to get basic training help, stay involved, train around distractions, and improve your skills as an owner!

*Group classes are not an appropriate environment to address aggression, reactivity, fear, or other complex behavioral issues.

"Life Skills"

Our “Life Skills” series of classes is so much more than your average obedience class! Designed for owners who want a confident, collected, “Go anywhere” canine partner, Life Skills consists of 3 different levels based on age and skill level: Puppy, Basic/Intermediate, and Advanced. These classes teach practical skills you may use every day and are the perfect course to prepare for further goals such as AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing.

Life Skills 1 (Puppies 14 weeks – 5 months)

Start your puppy off on the right foot with confidence building, puppy and human socialization, polite manners, vet and grooming prep, and core foundations skills that help teach your puppy to LOVE learning and working!

Life Skills 2 (Basic/Intermediate)

Progress your dog’s foundation behaviors and introduce obedience skills including Sit, Down, Place, Heel, Leave It, and Come. This is an all-inclusive level, designed to accommodate beginner through intermediate teams.

Life Skills 3 (Advanced)

Take your dog’s training and your handling skills to the next level with our Advanced Life Skills class. In this class we’ll really challenge the basic obedience taught in LS2, practice difficult real-life scenarios, and play fun games to keep you AND your dog on your toes.


"Just for kicks"

This series of drop-in classes covers a specific skill or exercise every session (ex. Nose Work, Obedience Games, Tricks, Pack Walk, etc). Just For Kicks is a fluid class and does not follow a structured syllabus or schedule. This class is best suited for advanced teams looking to strengthen their bond, learn something new, try out different specialties, and have a good time with friends. 

drink with your dog®

The Drink with Your Dog project was started by Amber of Summit Dog Training (Colorado USA) to revolutionize the relationship between breweries and dog owners. By setting the standard for exceptional manners and behavior, we hope to do our part in keeping local breweries dog friendly!

This fun, upbeat, 4-week class helps dog owners teach their dogs polite manners in a restaurant or brewery setting such as relaxing on a mat under a table, being approached by strangers and wait staff, ignoring dropped food, etc.

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Group Class Schedule

Life Skills:

$250/full course

Classes meets weekly for 6 weeks, approximately 1 hour sessions.

LS1 (Puppy)

Starts Monday, April 29th @ 5pm

LS2 (Basic/Intermediate)

Starts Friday, May 3rd @ 4pm

Just For Kicks:


AKC Trick Dog Testing (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)

Friday, May 3rd @ 5pm

Non-Alumni $20/test

Alumni $10/test


Stay tuned for upcoming classes!
We have been customers for years. I’ve had several dogs do training here. The Hostler family are great people, it's a great business, they take great care of the pets. I trust Elizabeth implicitly, the staff really cares and it shows in their work for your pets. They truly provide loving care to your pets!
-Oliver Archer

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